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Our hair, just like the rest of our bodies, needs proper nutrients and care to remain in peak condition. Often we forget this, and over time, compounded with things such as chemical treatments or something as simple as hard water, our hair does suffer loss of vital nutrients causing dull or frizzy hair. Here at the Nth Degree, healthy hair is happy hair and we are proud to offer you some of our finest hair care treatments for as little as $15.  Our Wash House treatments are listed below and do feel free to contact us if you are having a particular issue you would like to see corrected. We are here to help you look and feel your best. Come and experience the Nth Degree Difference!

The Wash House

Total Results Treatments

Get lasting results in minutes! Our Miracle Morphers are specialty treatments used to target specific issues. They are just that, Miracles in a bottle! Come let us show you what your hair has been missing!  

Correct It Ceramide Treatment
Got Damage? The Correct It Miracle Morpher Treatment provides an added boost of strength to fight against breakage! A 5 minute treatment to kick damage to the curb!

Kick Up Protien Treatment
Need More Body? The Kick Up Miracle Morpher is a treatment that bulks up the hair shaft to add body to fine lip lifeless hair. Elevate your look in 5 minutes!

Slim Down Lipid Treatment 
Fighting Frizz? The Slim Down Miracle Morpher is for you! Let's get your hair soft, manageable and polished with our lipid treatment that helps provide unruly hair with softness and control with our 5 minute treatment.

 Tea Tree Treatments

Tea Tree Scalp Treatment
This wash house treatment utilizes Tea Tree Oil based shampoo to remove impurities and excess build up, balance scalp oils, and maintain moisture levels. This treatment is a cleansing shampoo, scalp soothing spray topped with a hair mask and includes a 3 minute scalp massage. 

Lemon Aid Treatment 
Indulge in a cocktail guaranteed to awaken your senses. This clarifying service combines clarifying shampoo with fresh lemon, followed with a healthy dose of strengthening conditioner. This treatment finishes with a refreshing cool water rinse.  

Biolage Advanced Treatments

Advanced systems to target the most severely damaged hair. Our in house treatments incorporate full use of the system of your choice & salon use only concentrated ampule under a preheated dryer for 10 minutes. You may request a head massage for an additional fee. Each system is targeted for specific damage causes and will need a short consultation free of charge to determine which treatment is tailored to your needs.

FiberStrong Intense Fortifying Advanced Treatment
Our FiberStrong Treatment can strengthen weak, fragile hair up to 12x after one use*. An intense treatment for mechanical damage, our formula with Intra-Cylane & Bamboo enhances the fiber integrity of the hair and fills in the gaps in the cuticle. Leaves hair protected and fortified. System of FiberStrong shampoo, intra-cylane concentrate topped with conditioning mask and under warm dryer for 10 minutes, cool water rinse and finished with FiberStrong fortifying cream to wrap your hair in an anti-breakage shield.

KeratinDose Intense Keratin Advanced Treatment
Our KeratinDose Treatment features pro-keratin and silk complex to provide targeted reinforcement and moisture to chemically overprocessed hair to leave your hair up to 90% more conditioned after one use!*  This treatment intensely reinforces protein to depleted areas of the overprocessed hair shaft to rebuild integrity. System of KeratinDose shampoo, pro-keratin concentrate topped with conditioning mask and under warm dryer for 10 minutes,a cool water rinse and finished with KeratinDose renewal spray to provide instant silkiness, manageability and tame frizz.

RepairInside Intense Reconstructive Advanced Treatment
Repair your hair up to 75% with just one use!* This treatment features Arginine and Soy to help strengthen hair from the inside out while sealing the surface to restore shine and movement. Our hyperdose concentrate penetrates deep into the hair shaft to strengthen severely compromised hair using a low ph formula to repair the integrity of the hair. System of RepairInside shampoo, hyperdose concentrate topped with a restoration mask under a warm dryer for 10 minutes, a cool water rinse and finished with Intra-Reparitive control cream to repair the hair without sacrificing natural bounce and movement.  

Biolage Sugar Shine System
Want 3x the shine? The Sugar Shine System is for you! This Treatment starts with a pre-scrub to remove impurities and buildup from the scalp and hair then we shampoo, condition and treat with our Mega Gloss Sugar Shine Ampule to add a lasting mirror like shine and hydration. Finishes with our Illuminating mist for a glossy finish without heaviness which is also a heat protectant up to 450!! Sugar?Yes Please!!!


Awapuhi Wild Ginger Luxury Treatment
  Ideal for dry brittle hair, sun damaged hair, and lightened or chemically treated hair. This 2 step treatment features Keratriplex, which is a blend of 3 proteins with targeted molecular weights to penetrate the hair shaft to repair the peptide bonds broken in fragile damaged hair. Best utilized after a chemical service.

Don't forget to add a blowdry finish to your Wash House Treatment!