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If you need just a trim or a whole new look, here at the NTH Degree, we have you covered. If you are new to our salon, please book a consultation service along with your desired service so that we have the opportunity to get to know your hair and lifestyle requirements before we service you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services before you book. 

To allow us to better serve you, we ask that you please book according to hair length.

A pixie or a chin length bob, and everything in between. A short hair style does not extend past chin length, can include layers, stacked bobs and sharp angle cuts.

A style that rests between the chin & the shoulders/ collarbone. Includes; layered bobs,
feathered cuts, and sharp elevation layers.

A style that extends past the collar bone in length. Can include long layers.

Services Offered

Consultation Service
This service is a must for anyone desiring to visit The Nth Degree Salon. It is a free service to acclimate you to the difference that we pride ourselves here at The Nth Degree. We discuss in detail what  your questions and concerns are prior to your desired services. At our salon, we strive to give you the utmost of care and pampering, thank you for choosing us!

Men's Clipper Cut
This service begins with a short consultation of desired style.  The Clipper Cut means haircut is chosen by desired guard length (No Shears Involved). This is the best service choice for a basic fade, all over same length, hairline & around the ear clean up. Then you'll receive an invigorating wash to remove any loose hairs and a styling product will be applied if desired to finish up your service.

Men's Maintenance Cut
Found a style that fits your lifestyle and want to keep it up? This service is for you! It begins with a basic consult of your  style and any special hair needs you may have, then you receive a shampoo using a shampoo tailored to your specific hair needs. We will proceed with your cut and style using our men's line of products line to complete your service.

Men's Designer Cut
Need a new style or donating your locks? This is for you! This Service starts out with a detailed consultation of what fits your lifestyle and best suits you. You'll then receive a shampoo using shampoo tailored to your hair needs. We will proceed with your cut and style  showing you how to recreate it using our men's product line to complete your service.

Men's Beard Trim
This service consist of a quick consultation of desired clean up. We shape up facial hair using clipper's with guard of desired length or free hand with clipper's & comb. Also includes eyebrow trim if desired.

Child's Maintenance (10& Under)
Does your child need a good trim or need to tame tangles? This service consist of a short consultation of desired style and any special hair needs your child may require.We'll then proceed with your style choice to your child's specific needs.

Child's Designer Cut (10& Under)
Want to give your child a new style or donate their hair? This service is for you! It begins with a detailed consultation of desired style and any special hair needs your child may require. Then we will proceed to customize your style choice to your child's specific needs. We'll then teach you how to recreate it at home.

Women's Maintenance Cut
Loving your last cut and trying to maintain it? This is the best option for you! If you’re taking less than 2 inches off your current hairstyle, or need just a trim to help your hair grow we can offer you a maintenance cut. This service is categorized by length (as listed above).  Includes a quick consultation, shampoo, trim & blowout.

Women's Designer
Need a whole new look? A designer cut will get you there! A designer cut is when you are taking more than 2-inches off your length, donating hair to charity, etc. This includes a detailed consultation of desired style, shampoo, designer cut, blowout and your choice of hot styling tool. We even teach you trick’s to get the most out of your new style!      

Hot Tool Upgrade
Do you like it Curly? How about smooth and sleek? Let us give you the professional finish you desire!

 Bang Trim
This service consist of a quick consult of desired bang length and any concerns
to keep bangs manageable.We'll then trim them to your preference.

Women's Shampoo & Style
Want to pamper yourself just a little? This service  is for you! It includes a consult of finished look, invigorating shampoo, a thorough blowout with products tailored to your specific hair needs and finishing spray to finish off your look.

Formal Up-Do
Going someplace special like a reception dinner, prom or someplace you need to look your absolute best? Let us create you a fashion forward style that will hold all night long! Included are a consult, shampoo, blowout, and styling tools to create your desired look.

Facial hair services

Eyebrow shaping

Upper Lip Wax

Eyebrow and Lip

Eyebrow, Lip and Chin

Brow Color Match
            matched to hair color