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Texture Services

Curly or straight, you decide. We offer curl products are thioglycolate and ammonium bicarbonate free resulting in soft shiny bouncy waves. Being free of these chemicals, some of our curl formulas do not have the typical "perm" smell, and you won't ever leave our salon smelling of a fresh perm. Many people are allergic to the thioglycolate in average perms and don't even realize it, most commonly those who suffer from fibromyalgia, or other nervous conditions such as restless leg syndrome. For those individuals it can cause many severe symptoms such as inability to catch breath, drowsiness, severe headaches and dizziness. Our formulas are so gentle, we can even use them on pre-lightened hair with great results. Please notify us prior to service if you suffer from these conditions.

Prefer to straighten your hair? Your natural wave driving you crazy? No problem, we have got you covered! We offer keratin smoothing treatments to eliminate frizz and seal the hair shaft.

Texture Offerings
Texture services are a la carte and do not include a haircut or style. The prices listed are starting prices only and not a guarantee. Prices vary depending on length and thickness of hair. 

    Curl Enhancement Basic
This chemical service begins with a consultation of your desired look and selection of best wave formula to suit any particular specialty needs your hair may require. The basic enhancement is for any length hair. The stylist will select the appropriate rod size based on your desired curl .  This service can be used for tight curls or more of  a body wave. 

Keratin Smoothing Treatment
*Consultation Required. Want to get rid of frizz and/ or make curls more manageable? This service is for you! This treatment helps reduce damage, frizz, curls and waves in the hair all while adding intense shine to the hair and helping repair damage.