The NTH Degree Salon - Testimonials
The NTH Degree Salon - Have you taken your look to the NTH degree?


Perfect. Relaxing, efficient, comfortable, considerate. I'm recommending it to everyone I know.
~ S.F.

Such a wonderful, and warm/inviting place! Very friendly and they are very punctual. Also, they provide wonderful customer service, and they are just amazing.
~ S.T.

The Nth Degree Salon is SO beautiful! Its got an awesome "vibe" and feel to it.
~ T.P.

Awesome place, very well decorated and relaxing. The atmosphere is calm and the staff is always quick to offer a greeting and a cold drink. I found this salon after much searching and I am extremely happy that I have.
~ D.P.

The salon is always clean, has relaxing music playing, and everyone is friendly.
~ L.D.

The salon is one of the most sophisticated and welcoming spaces in town! I've worked with everyone on staff and recommend each of them. They are all equally professional, talented, and personable
~ E.E.

The Nth Degree is a very clean, relaxing, modern shop with excellent service at an affordable price. There is a very pleasant ambiance from the moment you walk in to the moment you walk out. I have had nothing short of a pleasant experience in the salon. For the area it would come highly recommended for the value, quality of service, and personable attitude of the employees. I’ve been twice and will for the foreseeable future continue at the establishment
~ J.J.

The Nth Degree is a wonderful establishment with a good group of people and great service. I enjoy both the atmosphere and the services I receive there. I recommend it highly to everyone.
~ W.M.

I love everything about this salon, and would highly recommend it to anyone! Very clean, and every single staff member is friendly, professional, and does very good work! My hair AND my wallet always leave satisfied! Thanks, Nth degree!
~ K.E.

I wanted to find a clean, friendly, not-too-expensive salon to get my nails and eyebrows done and The Nth Degree Salon in Sylva is it! Very comfortable environment and friendly staff. Highly recommend it!
~ N.C.


Courtney took the time to do a great consultation, and the end result was perfect! Exactly what I wanted. 
~ E. R.

I recently traveled out of the country. While there, I had my hair styled. The stylist commented on my haircut saying most Americans have terrible haircuts but that mine was outstanding. Yeah, Courtney.
~ A.M.

Courtney did a wonderful job on my highlights and haircut. I was very pleased with the service I received. I will definitely be coming back to Courtney.
~ E.H.

Courtney has probably given me the best haircuts that I've ever had, and the color is JUST what I wanted! I needed this new me!
~ D.C.

Experienced stylist, current, and extremely pleasant. Courtney makes sure you are pleased with your hair before you leave the salon.
~ H.A.

I've been looking for a good hair stylist for a long time. Courtney is beyond good. She is excellent. She talked with me about my hair, and what I like and don't like. She listened and then she made sure I was ok with everything she was going to do to my hair before she did it. I haven't been this happy with a hair cut in a very long time. Thank you so much Courtney. So glad I've found you!
~ L.C.

My stylist was Courtney Ammons and she did an amazing job! Usually stylists don't know how to handle my hair because it is pretty thick and it ends up looking like a mess, but Courtney did a wonderful job! She also told me a couple of secrets to keep my hair looking awesome. This is the only salon that I've ever looked forward to going back to. I can't wait for my next appointment!
~ E.A.

Courtney was incredibly helpful and friendly. I sent her a note warning her that I had been traumatized by previous haircuts, and she went step-by-step with me through the process and gave me the most beautiful haircut I've had in years! She asked permission before doing anything and explained, in detail, exactly what she was doing and how it would affect my hair. A million thanks to her!
~ E.F.


Sara was my provider and did an excellent job on a spiral perm for me. She was very professional and made me feel so comfortable during the 2 hours i was there. I was very pleased with the outcome and will use no one else but Sara,. She's the greatest!!!!!
~ K.G.

~ M.C.

Thank you Sarah for spending most of the day doing my hair. As always I love it. I love my experience with you ladies. Thank you for the products.
~ D.K.