The NTH Degree Salon - Policies
The NTH Degree Salon - Have you taken your look to the NTH degree?

Thank you for choosing us! We look forward to pampering you and we will do everything possible to accommodate you and your needs. If you need special assistance or have medical concerns, please address such with your technician so that we may cater to any specific conditions properly. We do look forward to having you join our Salon Family!

1. Arriving for Appointments- We encourage all of our clients to arrive at least 5 minutes early for their appointments to allow time to unwind before your service. Starting your appointment on time allows you to receive a comfortable, relaxed service. We cannot guarantee that all services will be completed for late arrivals. Remember, your frame of mind sets the stage for a quality experience.  To help you unwind, we ask that you remain in the reception area and browse one of our magazines. Please feel free to request a beverage if we forget to offer one upon arrival. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who arrives for their appointment belligerent or under the influence of  mind altering substances.

2.  Personal Property-We regret we cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to personal property, including clothing and accessories. For your peace of mind, please keep all valuables within reach during your service. If we find an item left at the salon, we will do our best to notify you as soon as possible so you may retrieve it.

3. Future Appointments- For optimum availability, please remember to reschedule your next appointment before you leave the salon, but for your convenience we do offer online booking through our website and Facebook, as well as your mobile device for 24 hr convenience. You may also call  (828) 226-9334 to re-book or your preferred stylist directly via their cell phone number.

4. Pricing- Prices are subject to change without notice. Our prices are categorized based on length of the hair and by level of service provider. You may stop by our salon and pick up a price list of all our services offered or call our salon.  Payment is due at time of service. No exceptions. If you pay with a check and the check is returned, we charge a $35 return check fee. Higher demand stylists will charge a higher fee. *We accept Cash, Personal Check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover Cards.

5. Late Arrivals-(beyond 15 minutes) will be accommodated if possible. We try our utmost to stay on time for all of our guest services, and if you are late, it disrupts the next guest service scheduled after you. To show respect to all our booked guest, you included, and your stylist,  it may be necessary to cancel part of the scheduled services. There may be a 20% service fee, if a portion of the service must be canceled due to a late arrival. 

6. Cancellations-We require a 24 hr notice on all canceled appointments. This allows us to be more efficient with our resources and shows respect to our service providers. We do send texts and emails to verify your appointment (if you have provided us with the info) please respect your service provider and verify your appointment. Please make sure you are certain of your appointment time to avoid any fees.

7. No Shows-Scheduled appointments that are missed without prior notice will be charged a 20% "No Show Fee". This small amount helps us cover our losses of missed appointment time and shows respect to your service provider. To avoid future no show fees, please do not schedule an appointment you don't intend to keep.

8. Repetitive No Shows- We all try to be sensitive to all of our clients' situations but lost appointments cost us money that our stylists' need. If a client has more than 3 no shows within a yearly time frame, we will be charging a 50% non-refundable service fee on top of your regular service fee upon booking of next appointment. If no shows continue, we will require payment in full upon scheduling appointments.

9. Gift Cards/Certificates-The NTH Degree Salon gift cards/certificates are NON-REFUNDABLE and are NOT REDEEMABLE for CASH. They are valid ONLY for stylist listed on certificate and must be used within 6 months of issue date.

10.  Returns-All UNOPENED retail items are NON-REFUNDABLE but may be returned for in salon credit. If Package has been opened, used or tampered with, we reserve the right to refuse a return. No returns or refunds accepted on any other items sold in salon. WE CANNOT ACCEPT PRODUCT BACK IF IT HAS A REMOVEABLE LID. DUE TO HEALTH CODE STANDARDS IT IS CONSIDERED CONTAMINATED PRODUCT WHICH RENDERS IT UNUSABLE FOR USE ON OTHER PATRONS. PLEASE be aware of our return policy BEFORE you purchase.

11. Clients Under 18-Parents of anyone under the age of 18 are required to be present for the consultation and service provided on a minor. We cannot be held accountable for any mis-communication between a third party. Children are welcome in our salon, but please respect our other patrons wishes for a blissful service and keep children in the reception area if they are not the person being serviced. We ask that you refrain from bringing your children unless they have a scheduled appointment with one of our service providers. If your child does not have an appointment and begins to disturb our other patrons being serviced and/or disrupt our technicians during their time trying to service you, then you will be asked to pay for your service and leave. We are hairdressers, please respect our profession and schedule a time with your provider when you can be free of commitments and can fully enjoy our tranquil retreat. We are not responsible for any injuries occurring from lack of supervision.

12. Complaints- We strive to always give our customers the best quality service that we can. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your service with us, please let us know before you leave, so that we may conveniently reschedule you an appointment to correct the issue. If you decide after you leave that you are not happy with the cut service, please notify us within one week of original service date so that we may promptly find a time that is convenient for you and your stylist to correct the problem. Hair does grow, and past a week we cannot guarantee that the fault was ours. We do understand sometimes you need to be able to fix your new style at home to see if it works for you. If you are unhappy with a color service, please notify us before you leave, so that we may honor our commitment to your happiness. Once you have left our establishment, and decide you do not like your color/service, we do reserve the right to charge you for additional services to correct your perceived issue, especially if you made no mention of not being happy before you left the salon. If you  need an additional color, a blowdry, or other styling service, a regular service fee will be charged. CHANGING YOUR MIND DOES NOT ENTITLE YOU TO A FREE SERVICE. No refunds will be given. Your communication with us is vital so that we may give you the best service possible. To avoid mis-communication with your stylist please use photographs of the cut, color and/or texture you wish to achieve. We do provide magazines for you to choose your desired look. Please note: Our take home products are chemically formulated to preserve the health and prevent color fadeout and chemical release of our salon services. We as professionals highly recommend  the proper at home maintenance routine for your hair for the longevity our chemical services. We reserve the right to charge for re-application of chemical services at full cost if proper at home maintenance products are not purchased upon checkout of service. We cannot guarantee our services if you do not have the proper tools at home to maintain proper chemical balance. 

Please note:  By scheduling an appointment with one of our service providers, you agree that you have read and understand our policies. It is unfortunate we need policies in order to maintain a tranquil facility, for all of them are common courtesy and respect that most of our clients do not need to be reminded of. But in order to remain fair to everyone in our salon, our service providers, our clients and patrons, and you, we do ask that you familiarize yourself with our policies before booking an appointment.

Special note to our dear friends and family: We want you to know that we love you! We always value you and the times we get to see you, and your dropping by to see us means the world to us! We want you to know that this is our job, how we feed our families, and without our wonderful clients we would not be able to do so.  So if you do stop by, please wait on us in the reception area until we can give you our full attention. Our clients deserve our respect, this is the time they had scheduled,  and they deserve their stylists' undivided attention. The styling area is for the stylist and for their customers, please respect our professionalism. This is what keeps The NTH Degree Salon's atmosphere so tranquil and calm.